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Extelligent\'s Clients


The ultimate judges of our performance are our customers, and Extelligent values the comments and opinions of our present and past clients.


Here is a sample of the comments Extelligent has received from our customers. We are proud that our customers are willing to go on the record to say that we’ve done a great job. We appreciate their kind words, and we are committed to delivering the same level of service to you and your projects. How can we help you? 


"You folks at Extelligent are super! I am very impressed by your customer service and responsiveness...I\'m also very pleased that Extelligent met its delivery commitment. Results were delivered in a very timely manner. Thank you!"

Vicki Brown, Chief Operating Officer

General Electric (GE)

"I spent over 5 years working with Extelligent.  Often our projects were quick turn, high expectation assignments.  Each time and each curve ball we threw, they delivered.  Whether a compressed comprehensive phone panel survey or assistance with industry content and marketing polish for an internal newsletter program, they also stepped up and made us happy.  A partner that listens carefully, plans thoroughly and delivers consistently is a rare find indeed."

Ken Giffin, Marketing Communications Director


"We really appreciate your patience and your seemingly limitless ability to work with the curve balls that we have thrown your way. As always, it has been great working with you, and we look forward to the next time we can collaborate!"

Tad Williams, Product Manager

"Extelligent proved extremely flexible in meeting timelines and project output requirements. The data and timeliness of the work was critical to our needs and surpassed our expectations."

Alex Schoder, Lead Consultant

"At the time we engaged Extelligent, firstsource.com was desperate for accurate intelligence on the IT products marketplace and its competition. With guidance from Extelligent, together we were able to determine the most relevant information required to answer our questions such as audience segmentation, sector growth rates, the size of marketplace, etc. Ultimately, Extelligent\'s data was used to create and refine our company’s business plan, a plan that helped us succeed in raising $9.3 million dollars through a private placement."

John K. Walsh, Vice President, Merchandising
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*Firstsource.com is a division of Computers 4Sure.com
Bravo! Marketing
"In the era of the Internet, information is key, but getting the right information is the difference between success and failure in the marketplace. The professionals at Extelligent provided the necessary intelligence to align our client\'s positioning and maintain their lead over the competition. In short, these guys blew us away."

Shawn Cunningham, Vice President, Client Services

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Alliance Consulting Group
"The quality of your information is outstanding. The data gathered was excellent, and more importantly, the insights garnered from the data put us down a path that we were not headed previously. We\'re looking forward to working with you on many more projects to come."

Molly Wendell, Vice-President of Marketing, Alliance Consulting Group
Neal & McDevitt, Attorneys at Law

"We were absolutely thrilled with your services. You understood immediately what it was that we needed. You were incredibly responsive to our unbelievable (and, for some unmeetable) time demands. Your follow-through was exceptional. We will definitely call on you again, should the need arise. Thanks again for everything you did and for the special personal attention you gave us.

Susan Neal, Senior Partner, Neal & McDevitt, Attorneys at Law
Network VAR Magazine

"[Network VAR Magazine] has been fielding this research for 9 years and this year was, by far, the most smoothly run. Extelligent was completely organized, professional and accommodating and I would strongly recommend them to any other firm."

Joanne Lazar, Publisher, NetworkVAR Magazine
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Network Magazine

"Extelligent was of tremendous assistance in the process of compressing questions to get as much information as possible, while keeping the total number of data points at a manageable level, helping response rate. The resulting study was very readable, concise and clean. I recommend Extelligent highly."

Liam Passmore, Marketing Manager, Network Magazine

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Tech Data Corporation

"Extelligent: Articulate, concise and budget conscious."

Ed Jirikils, Marketing Manager, Tech Data Corporation

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