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Extelligent's Clients — Network VAR Magazine Case Study

  • The Client: National networking products, technology publication
  • The Requirements: Readership survey to support advertising sales activities
  • The Timeline: 45 days

Network Magazine Publisher Joanne Lazar had become frustrated with the level of customer service and the end results offered by the market research firms that had conducted previous studies for her publication.  Joanne began asking her contacts for the name of a firm that with a good reputation for customer service and quality results.  Extelligent was recommended, by a contact on Wall Street, and Joanne called.

“It was an excellent opportunity to improve on the work previously done for the magazine,” explains Extelligent Senior Partner Andrew Crane. “The previous studies had been basic and straightforward, but many opportunities to gather additional detail were lost at the survey development and data analysis stages.  We knew we could develop a study that would be more concise for the respondent and provide more data for the magazine, for less money than the competition charged.”

Extelligent’s research services group went to work answering questions from the magazine’s management, establishing performance standards and goals for the project, and developing a methodology for the project that would ensure success.  Once the foundation for the project was in place, the Extelligent team designed the survey, coordinating the logistics of printing, mailing, faxing and processing thousands of subscriber surveys to arrive at an impressive response rate and highly flexible final data set, on budget and ahead of schedule.

Joanne couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the project. "[Network VAR Magazine] has been fielding this research for 9 years and this year was, by far, the most smoothly run. Extelligent was completely organized, professional and accommodating and I would strongly recommend them to any other firm."


  • Primary research survey design

  • Logistical support services (printing, bulk mail and bulk fax services)

  • Direct mail and fax based survey delivery and submission

  • Statistical analysis and results summation

  • Strategic recommendations


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