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Extelligent's Clients — Network Magazine Case Study

  • The Client: National networking products, technology publication
  • The Requirements: Readership survey to support advertising sales activities
  • The Timeline: 45-60 days

For Network Magazine Marketing Manager Liam Passmore, it seemed that there had to be an easier way to assemble first-rate data on the magazine’s subscriber base. “We were a little unhappy with our research services provider at the time,” Passmore admitted. Fortunately for Network Magazine, Extelligent’s research solutions and business services were just a phone call away.

The problem? How to gather critical data from Network’s thousands upon thousands of subscribers in an era of increasing competition for technology executives’ time and attention. The solution? Extelligent’s on-line research services, which reduced the previous year’s time- and dollar-intensive study to an easy-to-use, point-and-click Internet tool.

By working together with Network Magazine staff, Extelligent was able to cut down on the size of the survey while still maintaining a high level of statistical reliability for the results. “In my mind, what Extelligent brought to the table was not only a fluid understanding of the technology options now available to perform studies in the high-tech field, but a solid understanding of the parameters that need to be adhered to in order to guarantee statistical validity,” Passmore remarked.

For Extelligent Senior Partner Andrew Crane, Network Magazine’s subscriber study was a classic project involving both Extelligent’s research expertise and its strong reputation for customer service. “We bring a no-nonsense, sleeves-rolled-up approach to market research to our clients,” Crane notes. “That means getting involved with the client in every area that the project touches, and working to elicit what’s really needed. Here at Extelligent, we work hard to meet the client’s information needs, and that involves more than just dry statistical expertise. We want to understand the applications that this information is being put towards, and we design our processes and deliverables for each project to meet those applications.”

That commitment to holistic business service didn’t go unnoticed by Passmore. “Extelligent’s responsiveness to situations and questions was top-notch,” he commented. “We had a dialog, not just a question-and-answer relationship, and their customer service left our prior provider in the dust. I recommend Extelligent highly.”


  • Primary research survey design

  • Web-enabled survey administration

  • Statistical analysis and reporting

  • Strategic recommendations


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